Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) was founded in 2013 to provide local and international law enforcement with the specialized resources—training, technology, operatives—needed to track and eradicate child sex trafficking.

Since its inception, O.U.R. has worked with dozens of legal entities to execute effective sting operations and rescue missions. By the end of 2016, these initiatives had resulted in the return of 693 underage victims to family and care centers, as well as the arrest of more than 300 traffickers.

The multibillion-dollar black market has head start on resources, but we can make it up philanthropically. To accelerate the capture and ensure the prosecution of traffickers, today’s specialized resources and countermeasures are being replicated. The Advancing Life Foundation has committed to fund new tools for law enforcement under O.U.R.’s guidance, as well as sponsoring a full-scale rescue mission to extract children currently enslaved and exploited.

Our partnership with O.U.R. is our most comprehensive effort yet to break cycles of abuse, and it represents a renewed urgency in fulfilling our mission. We are now addressing the fastest-growing sector of international organized crime, and we are doing it with an established organization focused on providing the loving long-term aftercare that victims of abuse need most.

Speciality Trained Police Dogs

The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation has begun sponsoring electronic storage detection (ESD) training for new police dogs. Once trained, these dogs are able to quickly locate small storage devices that are difficult to locate by sight and which are used to hold illicit photos and crucial evidence for convicting child traffickers.


Trained in 2018. Serving in Montgomery, Alabama.


Trained in 2019. Serving in Pensacola, Florida.


Trained in 2019. Serving in St. Louis, Missouri.


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