Breaking the Cycles

Poverty • Abuse • Suffering


The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation provides both funding and manpower to support the efforts of charities around the world. In developing countries, we partner with organizations which address issues such as extreme poverty or who partner with local villagers to develop clean water, infrastructure, food insecurities and ongoing education. In other parts of the world where that is not an issue, we seek out partners that support the needs and relief of children and families in need.

8 Years of Impact

When ASEA established the Advancing Life foundation in 2015, it set out to tackle the chronic world ills that perpetuate suffering. Partnering with experienced global organizations for long-term impact, the Foundation’s generous donors and volunteer expeditions carry out its ambitious yet simple mission in countries and communities hungry to advance.


Disaster Relief: Nepal Earthquake – This contribution helps with rebuilding as well as creating tarp schools that help protect children from being trafficked out of their home villages.

Mexico Expedition

The foundation embarks on its first humanitarian expedition, joining forces with CHOICE in Mexico. Expeditioners built water cisterns, chicken coops, and outdoor ovens.

Associate Donations

Associates at North America Envision Conference in Dallas assemble and donate 1,000 hygiene kits for the GRACE foundation.

At ASEA’s convention, associates donate $25,000 for earthquake relief in Ecuador.

In Guadalajara, associates at Envision donate baby kits VIFAC during Mexico Envision Conference.

Employee Donations

270 volunteer hours at The Road Home, with a clothing drive, donation sorting, and meals.

400 pounds of food donated to Utah Food Bank.

$7,000 worth of goods and services from corporate employees to Utah Food Bank.

Volunteer work for DCFS Utah, Children’s Justice Center, The Road Home, and Salvation Army.

ASEA Triple Diamond Paul Taira works to build a fence during the Advancing Life Expedition to Ecuador
Inta-Kara Vocational Center

Two separate groups of volunteers embark on the first CHOICE Humanitarian expeditions to Ecuador to begin the construction on perimeter fencing for the Inta-Kara Vocational Center.

Operation Underground Railroad
  • Partnership is announced
  • Rescue mission in Peru saves 10 victims, imprisons three traffickers
  • Two law enforcement canines are to be trained
  • Aftercare shelter aid
  • ASEA associates and executives serve at an O.U.R. aftercare shelter in Cartagena, Colombia
  • Disaster relief in Puerto Rico and Texas
  • Corporate employees hold a donation drive for blankets, coats, hats, and gloves for the homeless in Utah
Operation Underground Railroad
  • Associates participate in an education campaign during the Super Bowl to raise awareness about human trafficking.
  • Advancing Life’s first law enforcement dog, Banner, graduates from training and begins work in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Funding is sent to Malaysia to begin renovation and construction of an Internet Crimes Against Children Center.
  • An O.U.R. mission in Guatemala results in 10 rescues and the arrest of a corrupt judge.
  • An exploratory mission in Nepal results in six rescues and the confiscation of two lists with names of 23 additional victims.
Inta-Kara Vocational Center

Two expeditions to Ecuador with a total of 45 volunteers begin work on the first school building.

Have an Impact/Make a Difference
  • Corporate employees volunteer at community gardens and tie blankets.
  • Food drive for Utah Food Pantry.
Operation Underground Railroad
  • Two law enforcement dogs, Alf and Champ, are trained
  • Operational expenses at the Royal Thai Police ICAC Center are covered
  • Contribution to renovations at the Thailand Victim Receiving Center and Office made, lease for 2019 paid
  • Thailand ICAC reports 117 victims rescued and 119 arrests made
Vision Cambodia
  • Partnership announced
  • 38 wells donated
Disaster Relief
  • Philippines earthquake
Have an Impact/Make a Difference Days
  • Blood drive
  • Building of bunk beds for Sleep in Heavenly Peace
  • Serving at a food pantry
  • 200 school kits assembled and donated to the City of Joy in Cancun, Mexico
  • Battalion Buddies and paracord bracelets assembled and donated to Operation Gratitude
IntaKara Vocational Center
  • 58 expeditioners over two Ecuador expeditions continue work on the school.
  • The first class of welders begins training; 16 students become the first graduates
Vision Cambodia

Two expeditions with 46 total expeditioners go to Siem Reap

  • 25 wells donated
  • 12 gardens donated
  • 212 newborn kits donated
  • 33 additional wells donated
  • Bathing rooms at a medical clinic funded
Disaster and Pandemic Relief
  • Australia bush fires
  • COVID 19 field hospitals in Cremona, Italy, and in New York City
  • Feed America – 1.1 million total meals provided
  • Doctors without Borders
  • Rise & Rebuild – two nutrition centers built in the Philippines
  • Partnering with Global Foodbanking Network to provide needed funding in Central America and the Southeast Asia region.
Clean Water

  • Vision Cambodia – 58 wells donated
  • Funded the build out of a wet lab at the Navajo Technical University in Kirtland, New Mexico in partnership with Dig Deep
  • Funded the build out of a well at an aftercare shelter in Kenya.
Disaster and Pandemic Relief
  • Partnered with Global Foodbanking Network to provide needed funding for food banks in Central America and Southeast Asia region.
  • Partnered with Feeding America to provided needed funding for 600,000 meals
  • Partnered with the US Hunger Project to provide 40,000 meals
  • Partnered with the Salvation Army to provide disaster relief for Kentucky, Louisville County flooding – March 2021
  • Partnered with the Salvation Army to provide disaster relief for Germany flooding – August 2021
  • Partnered with Hope for Haiti to provide disaster relief for the earthquake in Haiti
  • Partnered with Feeding America to provide meals in New Orleans after Hurricane Ida
Operation Underground Railroad

  • Funded a rescue mission in the Middle East to free 30 women from prison who had been trafficked.
  • Helped to fund the build out of a mobile forensic lab.
  • Funded the training of K-9 Tor who is now part of the Derry Township in Pennsylvania
Clean Water
  • 46 wells installed in Cambodia
  • 6 wells in Ghana
  • 5 wells in Sierra Leon
  • Provided funding for micro loans to Who Lives to build more wells in Malawi
  • Inauguration of Inta Kara Vocational Center in Ecuador
  • 448 students graduated from Inta Kara
  • Started construction on a 6-classroom school in Bolgatanga, Ghana serving 500 children
Human trafficking
  • 10 medical clinics in each state: California, Florida , Georgia, Ohio and Texas trained on the signs of Human Trafficking and how to help the victims
Disaster relief & Food insecurities
  • Disaster relief efforts supported in Queensland, Ukraine, Kentucky, Florida
  • Provided meals in Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Kentucky
  • 80 blankets made and donate to Utah Refugee Connection.

Because clean water is a foundation of health, it can help break cycles of poverty by allowing people to focus on education and hold a job. We are committed to providing safe drinking water across the globe.

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After years of work and sacrifice, the Inta-Kara Advancing Life Center opened in 2020 and has taught five subjects thus far with over 156 graduates. Over 300 students will be able to attend the school every year—with seven different vocational certification programs to choose from.

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To accelerate the capture and ensure the prosecution of  traffickers, today’s specialized resources have replicated countermeasures. The Advancing Life® Foundation has committed to fund new tools for law enforcement as well as sponsoring a full-scale rescue mission to extract children currently enslaved and exploited.

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Natural disasters cannot be predicted but can massively impact communities. The ASEA Advancing Life® Foundation partners with nonprofits providing boots-on-the-ground initiatives that bring immediate relief to victims.

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Advancing Life Foundation. A Charitable Organization.

Thank you for your contribution to the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation! 100% of your donations go to support our field projects. We rely on our Corporate Partner ASEA, LLC to fund operational expenses.

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