The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation provides both funding and manpower to support the efforts of charities around the world. In third world situations, we partner with organizations which address issues such as extreme poverty or who partner with local villagers to develop clean water, infrastructure, and ongoing education. In other parts of the world where that is not an issue, we seek out partners that support the needs and relief of children and families in need.


Known as “La Valle de Intag” Cotacachi, Ecuador is a lush, fertile zone where agriculture flourishes. But with 87% of the population living at the poverty line and 44% depending solely on agriculture, there is a dire need to strengthen economic opportunities in the region. Continue reading “Ecuador”


Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) was founded in 2013 to provide local and international law enforcement with the specialized resources—training, technology, operatives—needed to track and eradicate child sex trafficking.
Continue reading “O.U.R.”

Vision Cambodia

Since 2016, Vision Cambodia has focused on alleviating suffering and improving the lives of rural Cambodians. Their efforts have introduced clean water wells to rural communities, increased literacy through new school facilities, and aided in micro-business development.

As a partner of the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation, many of these projects will receive much-needed funding to continue. Today, 60% of Cambodians still do not have access to clean water, and 77% of adults in Cambodia are illiterate. Advancing Life recently provided funding for seven clean water wells serving a population of 1,400 people, and costs of renovation and maintenance were covered for a local school to reopen in Siem Reap. Twelve acres of land were also acquired for use as an instructional farm to boost the local economy.

Clean Water
60% of Cambodians do not have access to clean water. The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation has provided funding for 7 wells which will provide access to unpolluted water for 1400 people. The effects to health and hygiene will allow more children to attend school and adults to report to work regularly.

Literacy & English
77% of adults in Cambodia are illiterate. Advancing Life has provided funding to repair and reopen a school in a village one hour outside of Siem Reap. Classes started on 30 August 2019 for the 700 children enrolled in its daytime education programs. In the evenings, the school offers additional English lessons to adults and children as of 16 September 2019. Learning English in Cambodia allows citizens to profit from the tourism industry, increasing their earning potential from roughly $2/day to $40/day.

Farm Crops
Advancing Life has purchased 12 acres of land for Vision Cambodia to use as an instructional farm. The natural ecosystem of Cambodia provides rich conditions ideal for cultivating crops; however, many Cambodians don’t have access to the resources or knowledge to raise their own cash crops.


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