Donor Alliance

Although Advancing Life donors have always had the ability to set up recurring donations, we now offer exclusive rewards for those who join the Donor Alliance and give a monthly donation.


The ongoing donations greatly increase the foundation’s ability to plan and commit to larger-scale, higher-impact causes.


Your monthly donation creates available funds for immediate use during emergencies and for critical initiatives.


Recurring donations can be set up here or through the ASEA Virtual Office shopping cart.

Handmade Cambodian scarf and annual Donor Alliance shirt will be given at ASEA Global Convention
for all alliance members who have donated each of the previous six months.

Our Donors – January 1st to September 30th, 2020

$20 Supporter

Alicson Knowland

Angela Westmeyer

Armando & Margarita Sanchez

Ben Tyler

Brenda Tyler

Charlsie Prevost

Chelsey King

Chin-Fen Yu

Cindy McWilliams

Clint Dalton

Corbie Culley

Darren Oxenbridge

David Silverman

Donald Toomim

Dorianne Betof

Erv and Marian Struble

Foster Malmed

Joe Angle

Jose Aguirre

Jui-Wen Burtt

Julie Cook

Kalli Lindauer

Ken O’Connell

Kimberly Holborn

Lauren Cooper

Leslie Mast

Linda Clark

Lucas Jensen

Marcia White

Maria A Re De Anton

Maria Paspuel

Marion Sczensy

Marilyn Way

Masami Handloff

Melanee Raynes

Mindy Holtley

Miriam Spencer

Morten Andersen

Nadine Denardo

Nic Enlow

Nicole Dennis

Nils Norberg

Gregg and Patti Howard

Pamela Bromley

Patti Scallan

Paul Taira

Paula Clark

Peg Lum

Perry DiNapoli

Rachelle Powell

Robert Bruce

Russell Johnson

Ryan Bruno

Ryan Laws

Sally Trauner

Sean & Angela Grech

Shane Synnott

Stacey Cornelius

Stephen Lehr

Steven Davis

Ulrich Mössinger

Veronica Huebsch

$50 Advocate

Adolfo Avalos

Beth Baker

Harry Kevin Gedney

Jean-Luc Dupoyet

Karen Reilley

Kay Lance

Kurt Stickley

Linda Curro

Lynn Coleman

Margaret Coats

Mary Mondragon

Mayra Ortiz

Misty Lindsey

Nicholas Black

Paul Jacques

Sandra Mott

Sharon Parziale

$100 Partner

Amy and Will Knowland

Beth Wofford

David Jenson

Debbie Wetzler

Donnelyn Dominguez

Dr. Dick and Nancy Walker

Gregg Christoffersen

Hugh and Anne Jennings

Jacque Jennings-Carter

Jarom Webb

Karen McCann

KimMarie Larsen

Lynn Matthews

Rebecca King

Sarah Bailey

Scott Aldred

Steven Hines

Sue Brenchley

Trish and Bob Schwenkler

Wayne & Karon Pickstone