Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking

To accelerate the capture and ensure the prosecution of  traffickers, today’s specialized resources have replicated countermeasures. The Advancing Life® Foundation has committed to fund new tools for law enforcement as well as sponsoring a full-scale rescue mission to extract children currently enslaved and exploited.

Donations have helped the training of police K9 dogs who are able to find hidden electronic devices using search warrants. We’ve also helped fund the buildout of two Internet Crimes Against Children Centers in Ukraine and Malaysia. We’ve funded four rescue missions in Central America, the Middle East, and in Asia.

To date, we have helped in rescuing over 582 survivors through the funding of missions leading to over 130 arrests of perpetrators.

Our partnership with organizations that are working to irradicate human trafficking is our most comprehensive effort. We are now addressing the fastest-growing sector of international organized crime, and we are doing it with an established organization focused on providing the loving long-term aftercare that victims of abuse need most.

Over 51% of girls are married before their 18th birthday in Bangladesh. This cycle exists because most families are living in extreme poverty and they do not have the means to provide for their children. These young girls often end up becoming enslaved as labor workers or sex workers to provide income to their new family.

Speak up for the Poor is a non profit that works to break this cycle and to provide alternative options to the girls in Bangladesh. Through their GEP (Girls Education Program) they provide funding, and materials needed to keep girls in school through higher education. The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation has collaborated with them to fund the build out of additional dormitories to allow more young women to attend universities.

1.2 M

children are
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medical clinics trained in USA


International Crimes Against Children Centers Built


dogs trained

We are working to fund another rescue mission and a mobile forensics lab.

Speciality Trained Police Dogs

The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation has begun sponsoring electronic storage detection (ESD) training for new police dogs. Once trained, these dogs are able to quickly locate small storage devices that are difficult to locate by sight and which are used to hold illicit photos and crucial evidence for convicting child traffickers.


Trained in 2018.
Serving in Montgomery, Alabama.


Trained in 2019.
Serving in Pensacola, Florida.


Trained in 2019.
Serving in St. Louis, Missouri.


Trained in 2020.
Serving in Minot, North Carolina.


Trained in 2021.
Serving in Derry Township, Pennsylvania.

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