Disaster Relief & Food Insecurity

Disaster Relief & Food Insecurity

Natural disasters cannot be predicted but can massively impact communities. The ASEA Advancing Life® Foundation partners with nonprofits providing boots-on-the-ground initiatives that bring immediate relief to victims.

One in four people in the world are moderately or severely food insecure. Food insecurity means that they don’t have access to sufficient and nutritional food. Access to nutritional food helps solve food insecurity. That’s why the foundation collaborates with non-governmental organizations to provide meals and gardens to improve the nutritional value of the goods families are able to access.

To help solve the crisis of food insecurity, we’ve donated over 1,250,000 meals to families in need of support. We’ve helped build 12 gardens in Cambodia, which give locals a chance to sell produce and goods to feed and support their families.

In 2022, the foundation is working on a new project to provide two hoop houses on the Navajo Nations land in the former Bennett Freeze area. The community only has access to 13 grocery stores in the vast 27,000 miles of land, leaving them with limited access to fresh produce. These hoop houses will provide two communities with access to fresh produce and a way to earn more income to support their families.


more homes are experiencing food insecurities


gardens planted


meals donated


hoop houses funded

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