Known as “La Valle de Intag” Cotacachi, Ecuador is a lush, fertile zone where agriculture flourishes. But with 87% of the population living at the poverty line and 44% depending solely on agriculture, there is a dire need to strengthen economic opportunities in the region.

After years of work and sacrifice, the Inta-Kara Advancing Life Center is admitting its first students! The vocational center’s doors open on 23 September 2019 with a class of 20 students receiving training to earn a certificate in welding. Construction will continue on the campus with the support of students and local governments. The ASEA advancing Life Foundation will continue to support this initiative through funding to complete the project.

Access to the right education, however, is a challenge. Poor graduation rates, high illiteracy, and a struggling economy encourage youth to flee from rural communities to urban slums.The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation, together with the support of the Choice Humanitarian, will build an innovative vocational and training center that serves over 1500 families.

This center will provide youth and underemployed adults in the region with the opportunity to live, study, and gain a nationally certified vocational certificate in masonry, carpentry, cooking, tourism and more. Every dollar raised will go towards the planning, building, and completion of this center, the first of its kind in the area.By bringing customized training solutions to rural communities, we can help elevate the opportunities of countless families.



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