Advancing Life Foundation: Another Step Forward in Ecuador

As progress continues on the Advancing Life Foundation’s vocational school project in Ecuador, hope is emanating from the community for their children and future generations.Locals’ feelings of excitement were evident when CEO Charles Funke and Advancing Life Foundation Chair KimMarie Larsen went to Ecuador in January. There, they met with local government official and looked at the future building site of the vocational school.

The school will sit on a breathtaking plot of land in Apuela, a rural part of Ecuador, and will be the first of its kind in that region.

Community members are overwhelmed by the opportunity this vocational school will provide.
“They mentioned that this is a dream that they never thought to even dream about,” said Kim Larsen. “The reality of this school has expanded their vision and allowed them to know the impossible is possible.”

Because of the generous donations from our associates, children in Apuela and the surrounding area will have access to secondary education. A far-off impossibility has now become a budding reality that will shape the lives of over 1500 people!

The university in Ecuador pledged its support for this project in a major way with a promise to certify the school and send professors to teach courses. The local government expressed its commitment to doing its part to ensure the investment in the vocational school will serve community members in a way that will empower them to reach new levels of potential.

“After meeting with the local government officials, I am humbled to be part of a project that is impacting generations,” expressed Kim. “The center isn’t even built, but it is already providing immense hope and broadening the horizons of thousands of individuals. Thank you to all of our generous donors who have allowed a dream to become a reality!”

The next phase of this project involves raising $50,000 by July 2017. These funds will go toward the final building and furnishing of the school. Looking for a hands-on way to get involved? Volunteer for one of the upcoming expeditions to build the vocational school. Click here for dates and details.