The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation and the Spark Reading Program at La Cruz School.

La Cruz School

The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation chose to lend support to The Spark Reading Program at the La Cruz School in Guatemala where 332 students were able to attend school, receive a quality education, and build a lifelong love of reading

The teachers at the La Cruz School had this to say about our Foundation: “Teachers in Guatemala face many challenges, but thanks to you, the teachers at La Cruz are not facing it alone! In the Spark Reading Program, teachers are being equipped with new strategies to facilitate learning. With [ASEA Advancing Life Foundation’s] support, Spark teachers have been able to provide essential reading opportunities to their students.”

Computer education for students in rural communities

The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation understands the need for education for the modern world. Almost 60% of entry-level jobs in Guatemala require computer skills, but in some rural communities, none of the students have had any computer instruction. The Foundation teamed up with the Cooperative For Education Computer Program to ensure students receive at least 60 minutes of instruction per week, covering curriculum from typing and the Microsoft Office Suite, to web navigation and basic programming skills.

Studies show that 35% fewer students leave school when they have a CoEd computer lab, and 95% of Computer Centers Program graduates go on to continue their education at the high school level or obtain a job. This is how we break the cycles of poverty.

Filadelfia Computer Center

The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation supported the Filadelfia and Las Flores schools to provide technology training to 81 middle-school students and 138 primary-school students at Filadelfia Computer Center. Students in the Computer Program are learning valuable technology skills, which help them get better-paying jobs, raise their standard of living, and break the cycle of poverty in their communities.

Future developments

29 teachers at these schools will receive comprehensive training as well as a library of books to share with their students for years to come. These teachers will impact over 600 students next year alone.

Dr. Silvano Antonio Carías Recinos’s School will receive a new computer lab, which will enable 420 students to receive high-quality technology instruction. This will be the first-ever lab in Jalapa. The center was installed just last week in preparation for the start of the new school year in February.

If you’d like to contribute and help support the students of the La Cruz School and their families by giving more access to life-saving education and innovation, consider donating today. Plus, ASEA matches every donation made so your funds will have twice the impact. Your generosity will help these students grow to their fullest potential, obtain a quality education, and support their families and communities.

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