Happy Father’s Day: Honoring Fathers Working Hard Around the World

Every year on Father’s Day, people in dozens of countries set out to find the perfect gift for the perfect dad. Things like ties, tools, and steak dinners come to mind as popular commercial choices. The stark reality is, however, that many people still live where commercial gifts are not an option. In fact, these people may not be able to come up with any sort of material gift for a father who sacrifices everything for the family’s survival.

As the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation has partnered with Vision Cambodia and helped fund freshwater wells to families in need, our volunteers have witnessed amazing fathers at work to break the cycle of poverty for their children and give them a better future.

One such father received a well from the Foundation this year, and his gratitude was overwhelming. His wife and six children live with him on a small piece of land where he grows rice crops, selling what little he can. Poor yield from the land has meant a meager income that cannot support the family’s needs. Because of this, he leaves his family for several months of the year to find work in the city. On one occasion while he was away working, a large storm came through the area and destroyed the family home.

Under these circumstances, this father has had to make difficult decisions about which children attend school and which stay at home. Now, with a new freshwater well on their land, this man and his children have access to clean water to improve their rice yield, sell more crops, cook healthy meals, and avoid water-borne illnesses and accompanying medical bills. With the extra money, the family is working towards building a better home to live in.

Fatherhood and our love for our fathers is a common thread that unites so many around the world. This Father’s Day, as we visit with and commemorate our dads with grateful hearts, it’s important to remember those less fortunate than us who are working toward a better life with very little resources. Not only do we have the power to show our own fathers how much we appreciate them, but we can include others who might be struggling. If you would like to give back to a family in need and help donate towards a freshwater well, please visit