Mechanics Courses Changes Lives of Eight Siblings in the Parish of Garcia Moreno, Ecuador

As the sixth child in a family of eight siblings, 23-year-old Lennin Torres is amazed at what his education at the IntaKara Advancing Life Center has done for his livelihood in a matter of months. Most members of his family only finished high school and some only finished elementary school. Lennin uses that motivation to help provide for them now that he is taking courses in basic welding, industrial safety, metrology, and mechanical drawing—all of which have allowed him to enhance his business, his entrepreneurship, and his very own workshop.

Courses That Are Changing Lives

With courses in the area of industrial mechanics, the IntaKara vocational school in the Intag region of Ecuador is starting local students out with the basics. Between reading instruments, understanding instructions, how to follow manuals, safety, and learning how to properly use electric tools, this advances them into welding and industrial maintenance. The vocational center is playing a vital role in the area by helping villagers develop technical skills that immediately lead to job opportunities and create the ability to start businesses that affect generations.

Starting a Family Business

Now that Lennin has taken the courses, he and his brothers have started a family workshop in town, which sells accessories for cars and motorcycles, services industrial and automotive vehicles, and offers the community of his native parish of Garcia Moreno a boost in economic vitality. Lennin has even built a mini-mill for the extraction of cane juice by hand for a local client, which in turn allows them to sell their cane crop and feed their own family. This ripple effect of skills and service makes a huge impact on the area’s ability to thrive.

“I am now part of this group of students who have graduated and believe in the power of education,” says Lennin, “Because of this I am expanding on my education and taking more courses to increase my success. I am grateful to those who gave me the opportunity to make this happen.”

Help Make An Impact

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