Spotlighting World Humanitarian Day with your help

Today we shine a spotlight to advocate for the survival, well-being, and dignity of people affected by crises and poverty all over the world. Formalized by the United Nations General Assembly in 2009, World Humanitarian Day focuses on an annual theme to bring together partners globally. This year, the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation is highlighting how you can help join the fight against poverty, starvation, and help aid victims of natural disasters.

Humanity in need

According to the UN, over 274 million people will need humanitarian assistance and protection in 2022. This number is a significant increase from 235 million people a year ago, which was already the highest figure in decades. The humanitarian system is strong, but the challenges are increasing. In 2020, extreme climatic and weather events drove almost 16 million people into a food crisis in 15 countries. Globally, up to 811 million people are malnourished and one in three do not have access to clean water. More than 1 percent of the world’s population is displaced, meaning that 79 million people do not have a safe place to live. 

Heeding the call

Over the last year, the ASEA® Advancing Life Foundation has donated approximately 1.2 million meals to families in need. The foundation also donated funds for 62 freshwater wells last year, bringing the total of wells funded to over 200 in Cambodia alone in the past two years. And we helped bring aid to those affected by natural disasters in Kentucky, New Orleans, Germany, and Haiti in 2021. These efforts are all thanks to the donations and volunteering of our amazing donors, partners, and through dollar matching by ASEA.

How we plan to help in 2022

We plan to keep bringing clean water to new countries and benefitting more families in need. We are expanding education in Guatemala with the buildout of a computer lab for middle school-aged children and a reading program for elementary-aged children. We will continue to aid those who have experienced natural disaster hardships or who are struggling with food insecurity by working with partners who are helping families in need. And we will continue to partner with nonprofit organizations that support the fight against human trafficking and provide resources to prevent the trafficking of children.

Join the cause and help someone today

Climate effects combined with continued impacts from COVID-19 are wreaking havoc across the world at a large scale. Time is already running out for the world’s most vulnerable people, those who have contributed least to global climate challenges yet are hit the hardest. The global challenge to stand in solidarity with people who need it most starts with each of us. Consider donating to the Advancing Life™ Foundation today and stand in solidarity with the world’s most vulnerable people.