Students Excited for Another School Year at the IntaKara Advancing Life Center

In the Intag region of Ecuador, vocational students and staff at the Intakara Advancing Life Center are gearing up for the school year. With new federal funding, a framework agreement for inter-institutional cooperation was signed in July between the Superior Technological Institute, CHOICE Humanitarian Ecuador, and local governments. By strengthening academic activities, developing student skills, and through the support of the locals, the school is already changing countless lives.


Despite the fact that COVID-19 precautions and WHO regulations are keeping students away from campus, the students and staff are getting to work and receiving their education. Through online instruction, school-year activities and studies began in July, and efforts to maintain a thriving learning environment have flourished. Many students plan on returning to in-classroom instruction in the fall when COVID numbers have diminished.

Not only do the students take pride in their education; they donate the fruits of their labors to the school. Materials built by the first class of certified students from the campus’ welding course were used to install doors and windows as well as lights, boxes, and outlets for the various electrical appliances that will be used in the kitchen and in the multipurpose space. Floors, windows, and bathrooms have also been installed and are ready to greet new students.

Outside, volunteer efforts have cleared out the detritus and replaced it with beautiful fruit trees and a garden for both instructional use and local gardening. This is all thanks to a donated backhoe and other supplies which allowed volunteers to speed up the outdoor efforts so the school can be ready for students. The community is grateful that this much-needed resource is available and aiding the lives of so many.

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