Thriving Girls Education Program helps keep more women safe from early marriage and trafficking

Since formalizing a partnership with Speak Up for the Poor, more young women vulnerable to child marriage and other forms of abuse will continue their education and gain new opportunities as educated professionals.

More room for more young women to thrive

Since March of 2022, Speak Up for the Poor has grown its college dormitory expansion from 40 young women to 90 young women at the end of December. The initial funds donated by the Advancing Life® Foundation allowed the non-profit to obtain four additional apartment flats in the college dormitory building and increase their capacity to 90 dormitory beds. Now all of those available spots are filled with women excited to start their new careers in the local community. All of the women have participated in the organization’s Girls Education Program (GEP) through middle school, and high school graduation and are now enrolled in various colleges and nursing schools in Khulna, Bangladesh.

Each of the new apartment flats have three bedrooms and ten beds, four beds in each of the two larger rooms and two beds in each of the smaller rooms. Each apartment comes fully equipped with a kitchen, refrigerator, bedding, furniture, curtains, kitchen supplies, and bathroom supplies. This is all possible thanks to the partnership with Advancing Life Foundation.

One student’s story of perseverance

One young woman living in the new dormitory, who goes by the pseudonym Priya Das to protect her identity, is an example of how effective and helpful the GEP has been. Born with a physical disability, she worked hard in school, graduated from high school, and studied for and passed her nursing school admission tests. However, both the Bangladesh government nursing program and the local nursing schools rejected her application based on her physical appearance. Unfortunately, Bangladesh does not have anti-discrimination policies or protection for people with even mild impairments. Priya was devastated. However, she did not let this setback stop her.

Priya enrolled in college and moved into the GEP dormitory with a new goal of becoming a teacher. Priya works part-time as a tutor with the city, tutoring other girls in the slum area of Khulna City. She is getting practical teaching experience and earning extra income. With only two more years to go to finish college, Priya is excited about reaching her goal and becoming a certified teacher soon, thanks to help from Speak Up for the Poor.

Help other women achieve their goals

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