Torsten Sedlmeier

The Mexico Expedition has been a very extraordinary time, seeing people, who are so poor, and yet happy. You could see the “happy eyes” of nearly everyone. The “happy smile”. The “happy heart”. It touched me so much. Living with a minimum of belongings. Satisfied with what you have, and being with family, friends, neighbors. Helping and respecting each other. Happy, and not jealous, with what others achieve and get (new water cistern, oven, etc.) – but even helping each other to get it! Real Ethos! They live the ethos!

To kids playing with nothing or even dangerous things! And to be so happy. They have happy, lucky eyes – which are the soul of the hearts. So you could see, it comes from the inner. And they all shared the small gifts (sweeties) with each other and did not keep it for themselves.
Yes, a big lesson to learn, for the western civilization. True, inner happiness and satisfaction, and respect for each other!!
While writing this, and reminding me at this time, teardrops run down my face.