Advancing Life Reflects on a Year Full of Impact in 2019

The Advancing Life Foundation has had quite an amazing year. We’ve continued working with longtime partners—and adding new ones—to impact as many people as possible and make a difference in communities worldwide. Our partnerships were strengthened in good works this year, both with Choice Humanitarian and Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), as well as our newest partner, Vision Cambodia.

Last September in Ecuador students began taking vocational courses for the very first time at the Advancing Life Center, which we’ve worked on for multiple years. These courses were made possible in part by the two expeditions our sixty-two volunteers took to the Intag region, putting in nearly one thousand labor hours. The first building for the vocational center in Ecuador rose up from the ground in 2018 and is a beautiful beacon of hope to surrounding communities. 2019 marked the start of a bright new future as students are now becoming certified in new vocational trades. This will benefit their communities greatly, both in the skills rendered to others as well as the economic boost from income.

A New Partnership, A New Chance to Serve

In February and March of 2020, our Advancing Life Expeditions will take volunteers to Cambodia for work on fresh-water wells and more with Vision Cambodia. Expeditioners pay their own way so that your donations go toward building materials and local needs. Last year we funded twenty-six new wells and the reopening of one new school for children’s daytime studies and evening English classes for adults. Each of the children has been given a year’s supply of notebooks, pens, and pencils.

Dedicated to Helping Child Victims

Our work with O.U.R. in the fight against human trafficking continues across the world. We funded the training of two more police dogs named Alf and Champ, who now work with police officers in Alabama and Florida, detecting electronic devices, a critical component of bringing down child pornographers. Through O.U.R., we made partnerships with U.S. state law enforcement agencies. Also in cooperation with O.U.R., we are were able to fund an operation still underway wherein victims are rescued and survivors receive aftercare. We are also helping to fund a victim recovery center constructed in Bangkok, Thailand by paying for yearly operating expenses.

ASEA Employees Aid the Mission

At ASEA corporate headquarters, we held service days which included a company blood drive with ARUP, building bunk beds for families in need through a partnership with Sleep in Heavenly Peace, and sorting food at the local food pantry. We also built care packages for military service members over the holidays through Operation Gratitude and sent the “Battalion Buddy Kits” to children missing their military parents.

We are proud of what we’ve achieved as a volunteer organization, and we are excited to continue the work. Our goals for 2020 have a wider scope and with donations from donors around the world, we know we can achieve more for those in need.

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