Inta-Kara Students Begin Inaugural Courses at the Advancing Life Center

Ever since the Advancing Life Foundation partnered with CHOICE Humanitarian to fund, aid, and build the Inta-Kara Advancing Life Center in the Intag region of Ecuador, volunteers and donors have excitedly awaited to see the results of implementation in the community. Now that the school’s first class of students has officially started their vocational courses, the hard work on making sure these dreams come to fruition has begun.

The inaugural class of students in the Inta-Kara Center will be taught how to weld, something that will give them more skills at home, in their local community, and for finding employment elsewhere. Upon completion of the course, each student will have earned a welding certificate that is endorsed by the Ecuadorian government. These certified welders will be able to obtain employment anywhere in the country.

“Hearing the news that the first-ever vocational course has started at the Center is really inspiring to us because we have witnessed the need for more resources and opportunities for locals in the Intag region. We’re so excited for the students and families who will benefit from the courses offered there,” said KimMarie Larsen, Advancing Life Foundation Chair.

“We are especially grateful for all the donations and service that has contributed to the school so that local Ecuadorians can have a better chance to thrive.”