ASEA Ascent Attendees Donate School Kits to Children in Mexico

While ASEA hosted the best up-and-coming business entrepreneurs from around the globe for a rewarding recharge in paradise, something even more inspiring was happening behind the scenes. Vacationers made it a priority to give back to the local community in Mexico.

Located in the beautiful Riviera, Cancun, attendees of the annual Ascent event brought donated school supplies with them and then provided cash donations to contribute to a local school. This allowed the Advancing Life Foundation to provide 200 school children with the needed materials for the upcoming school year.

The childrens’ school, the City of Joy, is a non-profit foundation which provides educational scholarships to low-income families. Their campus has ten classrooms and hosts over 1,000 children, who receive an educational curriculum that teaches them English. This invaluable skill will enable the students to seek greater opportunities in the job market when they’re adults and is currently aiding in breaking the cycle of poverty in their area.

ASEA Ascent attendees volunteered their time to help assemble the backpacks for each school child, filling them with pens, pencils, highlighters, rulers, paper, and binders for the school year. The team also included stress balls so that each student would not only have a toy given to them, but could use it as a quiet sensory item for long days in the classroom.

ASEA associates were so moved by this opportunity and the children who received the gifts, that they shared their experiences on social media and more made donations to ASEA’s Advancing Life Foundation, for further aid in impoverished areas worldwide.