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Emergency funds help refugees in Ukraine and flood victims in Australia

Imagine losing your home and all you own. Now imagine it’s not just lost but consumed by war. With nothing left, you are at the mercy of others’ willingness to help. It’s hard to imagine the deep feelings of vulnerability or despair that come with such hardship. Thankfully, we know that with a supportive environment and continued care even families who’ve been through the worst can heal and thrive again. And that’s why the ASEA Advancing Life™ Foundation exists.


Helping on the front lines

With the war in Ukraine escalating, The Salvation Army is on the front lines helping refugees. The Advancing Life Foundation has contributed needed funds to help them continue their efforts. The Salvation Army is assisting civilians impacted by the war in Ukraine and refugees who are fleeing their homes for safety. With centers all over Europe and the Middle East, the charity provides food, clothing, and shelter to displaced individuals.


Aiding the vulnerable

Blankets, food, and heaters are being provided to the people of Ukraine during this time of crisis. They have received a generous amount of extra supplies from other locations in Europe. Donations are helping to transport supplies to areas where people need them most, especially the younger and older people who cannot safely leave their homes.

In Ukraine, they are actively providing food, shelter, and essential supplies to the people in the areas of their social centers. They responded to a call to aid 22 babies born in the subway to mothers in Kyiv, providing diapers, formula, and hygiene products to the women. Women are giving birth prematurely due to stress. Volunteers actively provide food, shelter, and essential supplies to those in need.


Sending relief in the wake of Australian floods

Advancing Life has also donated funds in response to the major flooding across New South Wales and Queensland, Australia. The Salvation Army has been using the money to aid those displaced by the floods, with immediate relief supplies such as water, food, clothing, and reading materials being provided to the over 11,850 people who have been evacuated from over 18,000 homes. Such devastating flooding destroys homes, displaces residents, and destabilizes the community. Local authorities monitor the situation closely and prepare staff and volunteers to support vulnerable flood-impacted residents once it is safe to return home.

As flood victims enter the medium- and long-term recovery phases and work through lengthy rebuilding processes, many of them will reach a point where they need assistance from an organization like The Salvation Army. “Our goal is to provide support over the coming months beyond the initial emergency response,” says Sharon Moulds, volunteer at The Salvation Army’s State Emergency Services coordination center in Brisbane.

Help make an impact

A simple monthly donation can make a huge difference. Please join us in our effort to support the underfunded groups doing critical work in their communities, from refugee assistance in Ukraine to natural disaster relief in Australia.

The impact of your gift will be doubled in 2022 when you give a monthly pledge! Our corporate partner, ASEA, is matching all monthly donations—so click on Make this a recurring donation when you donate, and every month your contribution will have twice the impact on good causes around the world! Your support is essential to ensure that refugees receive emergency medical care, clean water, and food – and it ensures that children affected by the conflict receive an education. Because your donation today is doubled, this means even more supplies for refugees tomorrow… and a brighter future for them and their children.