How clean water is saving lives in Africa

It isn’t easy to think about having to walk miles to fetch water, yet millions worldwide do it every day. Bringing clean water and sustainable solutions to suffering communities like those in Africa is part of the Advancing Life Foundation’s initiative to have an impact and make a difference. Our newest partnership with Engage Now Africa is helping provide clean drinking water to vulnerable communities. Together, we are proud to be investing in this cause.

Engage Now Africa partnership

Engage Now Africa (ENA) is a non-profit, charitable organization whose mission is to rescue, heal, and lift the most vulnerable children and families living in sub-Saharan Africa. Helping with basic needs like food and water to keep kids in school, Engage Now Africa builds sustainable programs that engage and empower at-risk children and families. IN FEBRUARY, the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation donated funds to install five wells in Sierra Leone. Volunteers have been working with locals to construct deep-well boreholes and canals that provide a reliable water source in the rural areas of Kafuta and Swenguim, areas just north of Port Loko. The foundation also donated five wells in Northern Ghana. 

Clean water, healthier lives

Typically when families fetch drinking water, it is transported by canoes which take hours to go over the distance. They must keep watering the ground they farm on most of the time, as it’ll become dry again the next day since there is no adequate water source. 

The development of wells seriously reduces field walking time and time spent fetching water. By installing these wells, an estimated 21,000 people will see an improvement in their daily lives. The villages of Sukuma Prayfield, Simbo Town, Brima Town, Mendewa, and Mendewa Layout make up the populations that will benefit from the donated freshwater wells.

While this specific project directly helps women and girls—whose job is to collect water— the community will be vastly improved by having access to clean drinking water. These wells will help with safer personal hygiene, sanitation, and, ultimately, people’s health. When people are healthy, they can focus their efforts on attending school, working, and using their money to provide for their families rather than paying for costly medical bills.

Give the gift of hope

We all give for different reasons. If you’re passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, a monthly recurring donation to the Advancing Life Foundation is great way to contribute. You can make an even more significant impact when joining the Donor Alliance. Regular donations create immediate funds and help us prevent any lapse in caring for our charitable causes. 

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