How a family restaurant got a fresh start with certification

Fabiola Cuascota is so proud of her culinary certificate that she plans on framing it and hanging it in her restaurant. After looking into the courses offered at the Inta Kara Advancing LIfe Vocational Center, she knew she had to take advantage of its culinary program. Inspired by the skills she gained, she has decided to remodel her restaurant to incorporate new food options and cooking methods.

“This certificate is very important to me,” says Fabiola, “because it shows our customers that we have taken professional-level courses and that we know what we are doing. It assures them that we are taking good care of the preparation of the food and the quality of their experience.”

Skills that benefit an entire family

Not only did Fabiola take the culinary courses; three of her siblings did as well. Now the four of them work together in the family restaurant. She also has a niece and a nephew that took courses at the vocational school to be certified as electricians.

“We had a little bit of knowledge before, but the courses have helped expand our knowledge,” says Fabiola. “Now we have more customers than this little space can accommodate, which is why we are excited to remodel and host a grand opening. These courses have given my family a better quality of life and that will only continue as time goes on.”

A new opportunity, a new horizon

The family decided to name the restaurant Redondel de Cajas because that is the name of their community. They’ve learned how to calculate proper receipts, added new customer service techniques, and expanded their menu to include new salads and entrées. Once the remodel is complete, Fabiola plans on inviting everyone in the community to the grand re-opening. She even plans on inviting people from CHOICE Humanitarian and the ASEA® Advancing Life™ Foundation, even if they can’t make it.

“I plan on taking pictures and sending them to all those who helped make this possible for my family,” says Fabiola, “There were so many people who signed up for the courses that spots filled up fast. Everyone in the community is eager to learn and benefit from the school. This experience has helped me reach my potential, and I plan on taking more courses to keep learning.”