The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation honored by CHOICE Humanitarian with Impact Award

We have a vision for a world where no one lives in extreme poverty. We work to create a better future where everyone lives with hope. In 2016, we partnered with an organization that shares our vision: CHOICE Humanitarian. And we have continued to partner with CHOICE through the years because we know they provide sustainable solutions that lift communities out of poverty.

After numerous joint projects with an immensely positive impact, we are extremely honored to have received from our good friends at CHOICE Humanitarian the 2022 Corporate Impact Award. 

“Six years ago, the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation embarked on their lasting legacy with CHOICE Humanitarian,” said Jen Dyer, Director of Community and Corporate Impact for CHOICE Humanitarian, at the Breakfast of Humanitarians event where the award was bestowed. “Over the years they have taken the Inta-Kara Vocational Center from the initial concept to the construction phase to the opening of the school. It has become a hub for the surrounding communities in Ecuador.”  

CHOICE Humanitarian Impact Award

According to CHOICE Humanitarian Board Member and Volunteer Chief Financial Officer Bret Backman, the Corporate Impact Award “recognizes a partner that has really gone above and beyond in supporting CHOICE and its programs.” The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation has been a committed partner of CHOICE Humanitarian over the last six years.

“I have come to learn that when you incorporate humanitarian experiences into your life all of a sudden your Kaleidoscope explodes with colors and patterns that you have never experienced before,” said ASEA Advancing Life Foundation Chair, KimMarie Larsen, “Each villager adds a piece to the design, the service, the emotions, the culture that you experience brings a richness and depth to your life that you wouldn’t have otherwise known. I thank CHOICE Humanitarian for providing us with the opportunity to see the world in a new way, and feel a more comprehensive love towards humanity.”

“The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation’s initiative to find the best organizations around the world, doing the work with and through the local villages, and partnering to support this work is incredibly admirable,” Continued Jen Dyer, “It is with great gratitude that CHOICE Humanitarian presents the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation with the 2022 Corporate Impact award.”

“Their latest commitment of support in Navajo Nation, helping to reverse decades of food insecurity with hoop houses will help to break the cycles of poverty of which they are mission-driven,” said Jen, “Their initiative to find the best organizations around the world doing the work with and through the local villages and partnering to support this work is incredibly admirable. It is with great gratitude that CHOICE Humanitarian presents the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation with the 2022 Corporate Impact award.”

Education in Ecuador and community outreach

Our goal to break the cycle of poverty, abuse and suffering is continually in progress, thanks to our partnerships. One of the ways to break this cycle is through education. Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse by enabling students and locals to have access to life-changing education that benefits both them and their communities.

They have engaged in expeditions with their teams where they experienced rich cultural exchanges that have proven to be invaluable.”

Five years ago, the foundation began construction on the Inta-Kara Vocational Center in Ecuador, with the hopes of providing educational opportunities to families. The dedication and commitment of Raquel Tuston, the in-country manager, and her incredible team have not only kept this project going through the Pandemic but the school began to teach.

With over 200 graduates the Inta-Kara Vocational Center has become a beacon of hope in the cloud forest of Ecuador. The success of this school depends on the relationships they have built with the people, the technical college that provides the certification, the local governments, and officials. 

Donors and volunteers making an impact

Thank you to the board of ASEA for starting the Foundation, the Verdis Norton family, and the donors to the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation for making it possible for the foundation to do good in the world.

We are grateful for the recognition and support from CHOICE Humanitarian, and as we work to continue breaking the cycles of poverty, abuse, and suffering in Ecuador, it’s important to remember that this is not something Advancing Life can do alone. It takes a village—it takes our volunteers and donors who selflessly devote their time and resources to this cause. We wouldn’t be able to make any of this happen without you.