LoriAnn Garner

I have to say that Choice Humanitarian has worked so diligently preparing the villages for our arrival, and I had no idea the impact we would all have in each other’s lives.

Together we create the path out of poverty, and the villagers are the ones who come up with the best way to solve their poverty. Then we as fellow human beings got the opportunity to work side by side with the people of La Concepcion to build stoves, ovens, water cisterns, and chicken coups. I will never forget the hard working women in the village and how they sacrificed their water for two weeks in preparation for us coming. I felt love and joy as we worked side by side. I loved sitting in the dirt and shucking dried corn so they could hand-grind it for their corn tortillas. I watched the women of La Concepcion carry babies and even toddlers on their backs while they worked and walked miles. I felt sincere gratitude for doors and windows when they only had blankets for their doors and windows. My genuine gratitude is to each family that worked and prepared for us to come work with them. I worked so hard that I was exhausted by the end of each day, and I loved it all! We were working so hard because we didn’t want to leave for home without finishing the water cisterns. It was so great working side by side with our corporate leaders and getting to know them in a person to person hard working experience.
I discovered that we all want the same thing all over the world. We want good health, happy families, and love. Thank you, ASEA for giving me the opportunity to give back to the world with such a big impact.