Scott Lane

I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts about the Humanitarian trip to Mexico. My first “forever grateful thoughts” and “thank you” goes out to whoever spearheaded the formation of the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation, without their vision, none of this would have happened.

My life is significantly enriched. I received a much-needed renewal of the pure good of the human spirit. The trips environment provided an opportunity to prove that by putting like-minded individuals with a passionate common goal, together they can accomplish amazing results in less than optimal conditions and circumstances. Here are some specifics that impacted me:

  1. I haven’t felt such true comradeship in years; in few short days, I formed many relationships with our ASEA group, Choice Humanitarian and of course the locals that I will forever cherish.
  2. I experienced total love and team unity without the pollutions of race, age, social status. It just felt like one great big extended family.
  3. The genuine hospitality, humility, and appreciation were unexpected and very heartwarming.
  4. I learned that adversity could divide or pull you closer together. The trip was the best diet ever! From the hard work and conditions, I lost 14 lbs. I slept very little, froze my butt off, and yet I cherish ever minute and all those who were there with me. Can’t wait to go again (with a much better sleeping bag).
  5. Lastly, spending time with our ASEA corporate staff was a surprise and real education. I will humbly admit I somewhat expected them to conduct themselves as a little bit cocky multilevel type people. I was sure it must be hiding somewhere. The good news is I was ignorant and dead wrong. I am committed from this point forward to fiercely “educate” anyone who gets this wrong as I did. ASEA is the real deal, period. Proud as heck to be a tiny part of it!