More courses and more resources are yielding major results for students in Ecuador

Students at the Inta Kara Advancing Life Center in Ecuador are thriving and offering their gratitude for the valiant efforts of local students, teachers, and support staff. Read about the progress students are making, how Advancing Life continues to help improve community educational resources, and how it is impacting the lives of local families.

More courses, more graduates, more certifications

A total of 292 students from different surrounding communities have participated in the educational courses at IntaKara Advancing Life Center this year alone. Of those students, 61% of these have already graduated from the courses and the rest are currently enrolled and taking courses.

Students have learned introductory knowledge of Industrial Safety and Occupational Health, Basic Electrician Certification, Culinary Arts, Basic Mechanics, Welding, Tailoring, and Hairdressing. These skills are helping students understand their career fields better, make informed decisions for their family’s futures, and improve their quality of living.

Leadership that understands the needs of the people

Raquel Tutson is the CHOICE Humanitarian Country Director for the area and it is through her hard work and leadership that students are able to get the help that they need to succeed. She started her career by earning her master’s degree in nutrition from the University of Central Ecuador, then earned a doctorate in public health and clinical nutrition. Since working with CHOICE, she is able to connect with people within the communities of Ecuador.

“There are many families in the community who are ready to change their lives, “ says Raquel, “And who just need someone to lend them a hand and give them a chance.”

Raquel believes in the vision of creating resilient, self-reliant communities and expanding the choices for those living in poverty. Inta-Kara Advancing Life Vocational Center is providing many of those types of valuable opportunities.

A more fulfilling life

During Raquel’s tenure working with the community in Ecuador, she has learned that many families have been wanting to change their lives but just didn’t have the resources or advocates they needed to make those dreams a reality. Raquel has learned that being encouraging in each journey starts with a support network. She helps CHOICE Humanitarian support local governments to focus on projects that have a greater impact.

“Helping the locals see us as a strategic ally who wants to help is an important part of our success,” says Raquel, “Our purpose is to help and to serve a disadvantaged population, which means gaining their trust.”

Professional success for former students

Former Inta Kara student Venito Rosero works for a construction company installing footbridges in the capital city of Quito. With his new well-paying job, he is able to provide for himself and send money to his parents and siblings to help with their farm.

“I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to be a professional,” says Venito, “I am applying all of the knowledge that I got in my courses and I’m grateful that I was given the opportunity to study at Inta Kara.”

Helping others, inspiring hope

If you’re inspired by the progress of students in Ecuador, consider contributing a monthly recurring donation to ASEA Advancing Life Foundation. Our corporate partner matches every donation you make, which means your funds will double their impact on people’s lives. You’d be surprised how big of a difference a donation can make and how much it means to those who need a little help to provide for their families.