New training will help spot traffickers and move victims to safety

Victims of trafficking will be rescued at key moments when they are out among people who can save them, thanks to a new partnership between the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation and Safe House Project. The nonprofit’s mission is to increase survivor identification through education, provide emergency services and placement of survivors, and ensure they all have access to safe housing and care. See what Advancing Life is doing to help victims of trafficking.

Education and empowerment

Donated funds will provide training for all employees at the clinic to identify a victim of trafficking, how to properly report, and help the person find safety. The foundation has funded training in ten clinics in five states, including California, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Texas. The Advancing Life Foundation has also funded training for free clinics in areas where there are high rates of human trafficking. Traffickers often take victims who might be pregnant to these clinics because they are free. The funding will also allow the clinics to help place victims into safe houses where they can receive critical aftercare.

Breaking the silence of trafficking

Every day right around us, hundreds of thousands of individuals are trafficked every year in the United States. Most of them are never identified and the one percent who are identified never receive the proper care they need to heal and move forward in a healthy way. Even when survivors are able to escape, eighty percent of them are revictimized because they do not have a safe place to go. And forty percent of these victims are children.

Providing critical care

Safe House Project has a goal to eradicate child trafficking by 2030, by providing a network in all 50 states to protect, serve, and empower survivors. Currently, they are training over six million people to spot, report, and prevent sex trafficking in America. In 2022, the organization has seen an increase in survivor identification, and between their in-person and online training, they are experiencing three to ten cases a week for emergency services and safe house placement. In this year alone, they’ve helped rescue and give care to 67 survivors in the US.

How you can help

You can immediately help a person in need by donating to the Advancing Life Foundation today. Our corporate partner ASEA matches every donation, which means that your money will have twice the impact. When you set up a recurring donation, your funds will go to help people all over the world. Helping someone is as easy as a click away.