How a new truck is changing the lives of orphans in Zambia

Children in Zambia will have more meals delivered to them, more access to supplies, and a safer way to travel, thanks to a new partnership between the ASEA® Advancing Life Foundation and Mothers Without Borders which funded the use of a new military truck. The non-profit seeks to aid orphans, children, and families in Africa by empowering women and youth and caring for the most vulnerable while they transition to safer places. Read about how a new truck will ensure the health and safety of women and children.

Providing safety and supplies to children

In Zambia, it is estimated that there are more than one million orphaned children. Mothers Without Borders seeks to solve this problem by working with orphaned children and offering financial stipends for caretakers, school fees, gardens, and livestock. Their goal is to empower women by helping to create support groups where they can learn banking, literacy, hygiene, and income generation skills. The non-profit works with partners to provide care, advocacy, food, medication, and a transitional living center. Much of the relief they provide requires a vehicle for distribution that can not only haul an abundance of goods but also safely withstand the elements.

Remote locations require rugged transportation

Until recently, Mothers Without Borders had been using an old British military truck to serve 17 communities in the region. Many of these communities are in remote locations and require travel on poor roads and rough terrain. The truck is approximately 40 years old and, while it has served them well, the group has been in desperate need of a more reliable upgrade.

The new truck, which was funded by the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation, will help deliver meals to children served by the food security program, which has seen a sharp rise in starvation since the COVID-19 pandemic began. It is estimated that this truck will provide over 920,000 meals to starving kids in the region. The truck will also help deliver new bunkbeds to be used in the orphan transition center where 266 girls are currently residing, as well as new bicycles to the youth who need them to get to and from school. Most importantly, the new vehicle will transport women, children, and volunteers to and from housing, school, and appointments as safely as possible. Not only will the group have a new, top-of-the-line vehicle to achieve their goals, they’ll be funded with registration, gas, and salary for one year.

Contribute to the cause

With constant news and updates about various hardships in the world, it can be difficult to know how to help and where to start. Every dollar you donate to the Advancing Life Foundation is matched by our parent company ASEA. When you set up a recurring donation, you’ll know that your money is going directly to those that need it the most. Set up a donation today and check in on our updates to see who your money is helping around the world.