The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation funds and celebrates inauguration of new schools in Ghana.

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The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation is proud to announce the official inauguration of a new school system in Ghana. This school will help facilitate generational change and break the cycles of poverty. The inauguration ceremony Chuck Funke and KimMarie Larsen traveled to Ghana to attend the inauguration of the completely redesigned school system, which the […]

Happy Earth Day from the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation

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Today, we commemorate Earth Day, a tradition that traces its origins back to 1970. Over the years, this significant environmental movement has garnered the participation of millions of Americans from diverse backgrounds. From its humble beginnings, Earth Day has burgeoned into a global phenomenon, uniting billions across 192 nations in the shared mission to safeguard […]

Advancing Life Foundation works with Speak Up for the Poor to change lives

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The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation mission statement is to break the cycles of poverty, abuse, and suffering. Our foundation provides both funding and manpower to support the efforts of charities around the world. In developing countries, we partner with other nonprofits that provide sustainable solutions for clean water, education, human trafficking, food insecurity, and disaster […]

Empowering Navajo women: Growing crops, nurturing entrepreneurs, and cultivating resilience with innovative hoop houses

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Navajo women now have access to new technology to grow crops, with more support and encouragement to become small business entrepreneurs. Thanks to a partnership between ASEA Advancing Life Foundation and Navajo Nation CHOICE for the Navajo Women Ascend Program, the recent funding of four hoop houses has allowed women in the Navajo Nation to [...]