A Culmination of Kindness in December

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What was just a small bit of inspiration at the beginning of the year blossomed into a flurry of impact by its end. In January of 2016, ASEA’s Advancing Life Foundation was only 8 months old and sending a group of 35 volunteers off on its first official Advancing Life expedition to the village of […]

Empowering Communities & People

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Since its inception, ASEA has had at heart the best interests of others. “Early on, the tagline for our flagship product was Advancing Life,” recalls Founder Tyler Norton, “so when we needed a name for our charitable giving initiative, that was the most fitting name—it’s about how we can help advance life in the world.” […]

Cheryl Chambers

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I love this company ASEA and all it stands for and its Ethos! It just gets better and better how they take the lead, and we support the ASEA’s Advancing Life Foundation efforts. It was such an honor and treat to participate in the Have an Impact, Make a Difference Day. ASEA chose to partner […]

Torsten Sedlmeier

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The Mexico Expedition has been a very extraordinary time, seeing people, who are so poor, and yet happy. You could see the “happy eyes” of nearly everyone. The “happy smile”. The “happy heart”. It touched me so much. Living with a minimum of belongings. Satisfied with what you have, and being with family, friends, neighbors. […]

Veronica Burke

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Thank you for such a phenomenal gift and touching opportunity. I am very thankful for an amazing trip. My heart is full.This trip to Concepcion was of great significance for me. It was an opportunity to express my love and gratitude to the people and the country where I grew up.