Culinary Certification Course Now Offered at Inta-Kara Advancing Life Center

A year after the first certificate courses started at the Inta-Kara Advancing Life Center, students are now getting ready for a new culinary vocational course. Providing new opportunities and expanding the skills of folks looking to earn more money for their families, the two-month culinary class allows students to learn good manufacturing practices (GMP) for authorization and licensing of bakery and pastry foods. For the low cost of $20, students will be provided with all of the materials and supplies necessary to complete the program.

Classes That Are Changing Lives

The focus of the school is to train and certify students in the surrounding area for new vocational pursuits to help them secure gainful employment or start a business that can provide for their families. The school is working on institutional accreditation so that there can be a more extensive virtual course offering and allow Inta-Kara to become a satellite campus.

Many of these courses are taught on weekends to allow locals to stay employed at their current jobs or find care for their children in order to attend. Depending on the course, the duration of training varies according to the time necessary to cover the subject and achieve proficiency of skills. Welding, industrial safety, metrology, mechanical drawing, electric, and home installation courses are some of the other classes the vocational school offers.

Accredited Classes Creating Opportunity

Agreements and contracts for each of these courses are established with the local educational institutions under state regulation. These contracts allow each student to be considered for grants and to receive a certification. The vocational school only teaches accredited classes so that students can receive training and certification recognized throughout Ecuador. The courses are developed one at a time, with extensive research of the area to determine the locals’ level of interest and need.

The difference these programs make in the lives of families in the area is exponential. If you’re interested in helping fund efforts like these, a contribution goes further in 2021 when you make it a monthly pledge. Our corporate partner, ASEA, is matching all donations given as part of a monthly pledge throughout 2021—so click “Make this a recurring donation” when you give. Every month’s contribution will have double the impact on worthy causes worldwide!