Veronica Burke

Thank you for such a phenomenal gift and touching opportunity. I am very thankful for an amazing trip. My heart is full.This trip to Concepcion was of great significance for me. It was an opportunity to express my love and gratitude to the people and the country where I grew up.

LoriAnn Garner

I have to say that Choice Humanitarian has worked so diligently preparing the villages for our arrival, and I had no idea the impact we would all have in each other’s lives.

Scott Lane

I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts about the Humanitarian trip to Mexico. My first “forever grateful thoughts” and “thank you” goes out to whoever spearheaded the formation of the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation, without their vision, none of this would have happened.

Beth Wofford

What an indescribable experience. Getting to know those remarkable Mexican people was the highlight of our trip. Bill & I are farmers and thought we were pretty tough physically, but the local villagers put us to shame with their work ethic, stamina, and resilience. Our primitive housing underscored how spoiled we are here at home.

David Key

I felt so proud to help strangers that were so gracious and grateful to allow us into their private world.  We have changed the lives of many including generations of people with access to life essentials. It was quite amazing watching the villagers participate in their improvement. And I am proud to be Associated with the Advancing Life Foundation, and … Continue reading David Key

Paul Taira

I was so impressed with the volunteers’ ability to endure the climate and living conditions with genuine happiness and enthusiasm knowing that they were making a difference in the lives of the people of La Concepcion.

Anne Jenings

When I’m on a journey like this, I believe in myself the most. When I’m on a journey like this, I belong to a team working toward a greater good. When I’m on a journey like this, I feel like I have become a better person and have found meaning in my life.