ASEA’s Advancing Life® Foundation Celebrates Five Years of Humanitarian Impact

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, December 15, 2020/PRNewswire/ – This year, ASEA, a global health leader in redox technology, commemorates five years of impact through its Advancing Life Foundation. Established in 2015 with the purpose to provide opportunities for associates and employees to make a positive impact and to break cycles of poverty, abuse, and suffering in the world, the Foundation has impacted the lives of more than 800,000 people across 16 countries worldwide since its founding. 

The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation has raised over $1.2 million US, providing funding to support the efforts of charities locally and around the world. This includes addressing issues such as combating extreme poverty, developing clean water, fighting human trafficking, and providing ongoing education as well as relief to children and families in need.  

This year, the Foundation joined worldwide COVID-19 relief efforts with donations to Samaritan’s Purse to support field hospitals in Cremona, Italy, and in New York City along with supporting Doctors Without Borders. The Foundation has also provided over 500,000 meals to more than 200 food banks across the United States and will continue to address medical aid, sanitation, education, and food insecurity in 2021 as part of ongoing pandemic assistance.  

“When we established the Advancing Life Foundation in 2015, we set out to tackle the world’s chronic ills that perpetuate suffering,” said ASEA’s founder Tyler Norton. 

The Advancing Life Foundation is committed to ongoing support of various organizations and countries in need. Partnering with Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), it has funded the buildout of two ICAC (International Crimes Against Children) centers, sponsored the training of four electronic storage detection dogs, and helped save 100 children from sex trafficking. With CHOICE Humanitarian, six expeditions to the province of Imbabura in northern Ecuador resulted in the construction of the Inta-Kara Vocational Center, where youth have been taking classes since late 2019 and 1,500 families have the opportunity to elevate their socioeconomic potential. In addition, Advancing Life has pledged $60,000 over six months to be distributed to food banks in Central America and Southeast Asia. And in Cambodia, where 80 percent of people lack access to clean water, the Foundation has funded more than 150 clean water wells, provided over 200 newborn kits, and planted 12 gardens since 2019 through the Vision Cambodia initiative. Furthering its clean water efforts in 2021, the Advancing Life Foundation is returning to Cambodia and is also partnering with TECHO, a nongovernmental organization in Mexico, to install 10 rain harvesting systems for communities in need in that country. 

“I’m proud of the positive impact our employees and associates have made over these past five years, and we look forward to continuing our contributions locally and internationally, including to those affected by the pandemic,” concluded Norton.  

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