Greater Opportunity for Education in Ecuador

Months of fundraising and preparation came to fruition last summer when two groups of 50+ volunteers headed to the Intag region of Ecuador with the Advancing Life Foundation and CHOICE Humanitarian.

The Project: getting started on the construction of a vocational school, the Inta-Cara Advancing Life Center.

Although the need for further education in this part of the world is great, many of the local governments were hesitant to trust that this was really happening in their community. This also led to hesitance in putting their budgets toward the building of the school.

But when the first group of expeditioners arrived and began the work. the reality became clear. Government leaders have now pledged their commitment to the project and are directing budget money in 2018 to help further the cause. They have even committed to develop the public road to the school.

There’s an excitement and an energy that surrounds this project. By the time the second group of expeditioners arrived in August, even more communities had pledged commitment to the project.

The scope of people being able to come to the center has expanded. Those who have gone on Ecuador expeditions thus far have described the experience as life-changing; others said it was like coming home. All made unforgettable connections with people, regardless of language barriers, and said they’d do it again.

At our convention in 2017, our goal was to raise $100k, which ASEA pledged to match up to $100k. During the event, associates contributed by purchasing swag, participating in a silent auction, and filling up the donation box, totaling $99,485.45! ASEA matched it at the full $100k bringing the convention total for the Advancing Life Foundation to $199,485.45!

To complete our fundraising goal for the year, we’d like to bring in an additional $100k before next year’s convention in September.

You can donate to the Advancing Life Foundation on our website or in your virtual office. Make it simple—opt to add any amount you choose to your subscription!