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Supporting Surging Food Needs in Southeast Asia and Central America

For the past six months, the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation has worked with Global Foodbanking Network to help feed families in Southeast Asia and Central America. These needs have grown exponentially during the pandemic. Thankfully, many local organizations have stepped up and banded together to meet the rising needs. We are grateful for their efforts and are proud to provide much-needed donations. Read about some of their amazing and much-needed contributions below.

Central America

In Guayaquil, Ecuador, Banco de Alimentos Diakonía has dramatically increased food assistance through its network. Now reaching more than 1 million people, they’ve experienced a more than 30-fold increase in need in the last year. While schools are closed, Diakonía distributes emergency food boxes to families with children who previously benefited from the school breakfast program.

Desarollo en Movimiento is serving an estimated 40,000 additional Guatemalans during the COVID-19 emergency. New partnerships with church and community groups continue to expand the food bank’s reach. Their newest food assistance program will provide monthly food delivery to families with school-age children affected by school closures.

Fundación Banco de Alimentos Panamá is inundated with requests for emergency food assistance while government policies like curfews, shelter-in-place orders, transportation restrictions, and food donation changes have affected operations. The food bank is serving an additional 50,000 people more than it did before the pandemic.They have recently begun collaborating closely with local authorities to improve government disaster response.

Southeast Asia

The pandemic has shattered the Thailand tourism economy. Unemployment in the area has vastly increased, and isolated islands reachable only by ferry have shut down all services. Scholars of Sustenance is distributing 1,700 parcels per week, reaching approximately 20,000 people a month through 130 agencies and 20 clinics in Bangkok and Phuket.

Through the Kechara Soup Kitchen Society, nearly 150,000 Malaysians receive direct food distribution, emergency kits, and funds for food. Kehara deals with agency partners and organizations that focus on immigrants and refugees, many of whom are daily wage earners who have lost their livelihoods and are especially vulnerable after COVID-19. 

Rise Against Hunger Philippines is ramping up distribution over 500 percent and reaching an additional 250,000 people. By adding several new daycare facilities to its agency roster, the food bank makes food ration pickup safe and easy for parents of young children.

The Food Bank Singapore started a new initiative to meet increased needs during the pandemic. With Feed the City (Take-Away Edition), the effort will deliver 50,000 meals to needy families while also supporting struggling restaurants. Donor funds help pay for meals distributed directly to low-income households by volunteers.

The Work Continues

The Advancing Life Foundation recognizes that all regions of the world have increased food insecurities due to COVID-19 shutdowns and feels that it is essential to provide aid to some of the most impoverished countries dealing with extreme hunger.

If you would like to aid the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation’s efforts and help those in need, please contribute to advancinglife.org. Your gift goes further in 2020 and throughout 2021 when you make it a monthly pledge! The foundation’s corporate partner, ASEA, matches all donations throughout 2021 given as part of a monthly commitment—so select the Monthly option when you give, and every contribution will have double the impact on worthy causes worldwide!